12" x 12"


This drawing was commissioned by Daniel Solis y Martinez as an accompaniment to his poem/essay about the queer Aztec god Titlacauan, recently published in an anthology centered on Gloria Anzaldua's work. The poem is rich with beautiful imagery and symbolism that I was able to pull from in creating this piece. I love projects like this that involve research and intricate detail.

From the essay: "Titlacauan is an ancient god. He is the trickster aspect of the powerful Nahua god of magicks, obsidian, war, and co-creator of the world, Tezcatlipoca; a member of the sacred triad of Quetzalcoatl and Huitzilopochtli. Titlacauan in the Nahua language means, " 'We are his slaves.' "

You can read the full poem and essay here.