What is it about designers that makes us want to take on 5,000 side projects? I don't know, but may as well embrace the tendency! Below are some of my personal projects, illustration work, design collaborations with friends, and other miscellaneous projects.

I once heard Sara Hendren (a designer and writer who runs the website Abler) give some great advice about being led by curiosity: "You have to be omnivorously curious, deliberately setting up odd adjacencies, searching wide, wide, wide..." And I really loved that and try to take it to heart!


Print Design
Invitation Design
Web Design

Anush & Ashot

It was a blast designing this bilingual invitation suite for my best friend's wedding. She's a writer - so we were inspired by pages torn out of a book, to go with literary elements throughout their wedding.

Succulents Shirt & Popsocket

I made this digital illustration of succulents -  available for sale on a t-shirt or popsocket at Shirt.Woot here.

Loyola Law School Outlaw Logo

Logo design for Outlaw, Loyola's Law School's LGBT student group. 


I made this fun springtime illustration for the Minted t-shirt challenge. 


Anna & the Hairy Cells

When I was diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia in July 2016, I decided to make a documentary podcast series that explored dealing with a scary diagnosis, getting treatment, and learning how to move forward. I designed the website and the podcast art, and learned the basics of making audio for this project.

Despite the inherently difficult subject, the series ended on a positive note when I got the good news that I'm in remission. You can subscribe on iTunes to listen in your Podcast app or visit the website where I have all six of the episodes posted here.


Festive Windows Holiday Gift Wrap 

Illustrated this holiday gift wrap pattern for a design competition. Festive windows with subtle colors and shadows. 

Earthseed Poster

I made this poster a while back inspired by Parable of the Sower. In my adult life, I don't think there is an author whose work has been as meaningful to me as Octavia Butler's. I'd recommend any of her books, but if you're new to her work, this is a great one to read first. 

“All that you touch you Change. All that you Change Changes you. The only lasting truth Is Change.”