Book Covers
& Reviews

I love books! And I love design. And I would love to be designing more books. So this year I started a project to design alternate covers and write reviews of books I particularly like.

I thought this project would be a fun challenge for a few reasons. I often love the existing covers of the books I read, which makes it tough to think about alternate design ideas. But this is something I love about design – there are multiple solutions to any design problem, and every designer will arrive at a different end result. I thought it would be fun to approach each alternate cover as a challenge to myself to iterate – even when I think the existing cover is damn near perfect.

I’m also stoked to do some writing for this project, something very far outside my comfort zone. I love to read, but I tend to breeze through books and don’t always do a great job of sitting with the content I intake. I'm hoping this project will be a way to slow down and engage more with the books I read. 

You can follow along with this project here (just click the covers below to read my reviews and design notes), or on social media. And if you have any book recs, please send my way!